by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus hellenicus aff. (Code: 69)

Crocus  hellenicus aff.
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Crocus  hellenicus aff. Crocus  hellenicus aff. Crocus  hellenicus aff. Crocus  hellenicus aff.
There are 3 isolated populations of "Crocus speciosus like" crocus growing wild in Greece. Plants from NW population (near Vicos Canyon, Monodendri) I described as Crocus hellenicus. Other 2 populations are growing each in quite small area far to the South - near Nafpaktos and NW from it - S of Monastiraki. After several trips in autumn and spring I found population nr. Nafpaktos but only last autumn got few plants from 3rd population (Monastiraki). The first opinion is that they are identical but quite different from NW population at Monodendri, so I suppose that they could be published as new species, which I intend to name - C. hellenicoides. By first impression it looks quite similar to C. brachyphilus (which I published as C. elegans) from S Turkey, N from Akseki, having same very elegant, light bluish toned flowers with long white flower tube.
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