by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

OFFER 2024 - cancelled

Dear Friends

New list - season 2024

DEAR CUSTOMERS! My income quota is full. I can't more accept bank paymemnts so I can't accept new orders! 




Don't use PayPal, please 


Dear friends and garden lovers!

Another very successful year has passed - Although I didn't travel in 2023 - I used this time to check my plants and for more researches. Despite the commitment to reduce growing, the collection has grown again.


It will not be easy to prepare the new offer. I stepped into 78 and I have less strength left. I had firmly decided that in new list will be no more than 300 entries, and this catalogue could be named CROCUS CATALOGUE! However, if you have any plants that you particularly want and will not find in the new catalogue - write and ask without doubt. If it will be possible and I will have enough time, I will add those to your order. Regardless of very high inflation rate my prices (I hope) will remain +/- the same as before, very few are slightly higher (depends from size of stock). Of course, novelties, where stocks are very small, are expensive, sorry.

All offered plants are grown on my nursery myself. Most of them (species) are propagated from seeds, thus a certain variability in the appearance of the flowers can occur. During flowering, I’m walking around the greenhouse with a brush in my hands, pollinating the flowers. Of course, some hybrids may also appear, as it is impossible to isolate all the flowers, but this is the fate of all small nurseries that sell only their own-grown plants. I never offer wild-harvested bulbs, nor do I sell those grown by others.

My nursery is registered as a small farm, so I have a limited amount of total annual revenue to maintain this status according to our laws. Therefore, I will only accept orders until this gross revenue limit is reached, so don't delay with ordering. In 2023 my quota was full already in first days of January! Bulbs are shipped from the middle June and usually all orders are already shipped not later than in July.

I feel better than I supposed when I prepared list for 2023. I still want to travel in search of new plants, I just rebuilt one of my greenhouses and in coming years want do this with other greenhouses, too. My pension not allows this, so I must to continue my job to realise all my plans.

Sincerely Yours

Jānis Rukšāns, Dr. biol. h.c.



If you have problems with login, send your wishlist to me directly by my e-mail address listing item number, name, number of bulbs ordered and total summ of your order.




This year we again will have CROCUS DAYS - when every one can come and watch my collection on place.  Crocus blooming time last season started mid-February, but if winter will be "normal" - it will be in March so we will accept visitors during daylight at any sunny day. Only, please, inform us about your coming at least day before.

Contact me by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details


Mid-june at our place usually is PEONY DAY, the first Sunday of August will be PHLOX DAY organized by my wife Guna who runs perennial nursery - phlox, hosta, waterlilies etc. All summer perennials you can buy in situ - coming to our nursery. We offer bare rooted or potted plants which can't be dispatched abroad by post, so you must come by yourself to pick them up.

Her e-mail address at present is the same as mine.


Some our customers had problems with ordering, so follow instruction step by step as written below, and it will work without any problems:

Log in with your password.

Open catalogue,

select items and numbers of each,

add to Cart,

when finished at top of page go to “Basket

On right bottom corner – Checkout

Enter your name and address, e-mail

and delivery address (if different) or write in each box - xx

Then Next (left bottom corner)

Then enter 0 in field Phyto (or 15,- if phyto is needed), 10,- or 15,- in field postage costs, 0 in field Bank costs

Then Next

Check your order and put “x” in box “Terms of Business”

Confirm Order

 and it will be sent to me automatically.


Attention! When you will complete your order, don't leave empty boxes for phytocertificate costs (write there - 0.00 if you live in EU), postage costs (at least 10.00 for EU and at least 15.00 for others) and bank costs. You must enter at least "0" in each box. Payment box is only for information how and where (when) you will pay for your order. You must write this in the field. It is not joyned with bank accounts. Sorry.


Wishing you a nice gardening season, sincerely Yours


 Janis Ruksans