by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova



Dear friends!

The new 2016 catalogue is ready!

First of all we wish You all the best in the coming gardening season. We truly hope that the coming season will provide us with excellent weather- that it will rain, when our plants are thirsty and that it will be dry in other periods. Well, it’s nice to have this dream of perfect weather, but nature has her own plans as we all know.

This is going to be my first catalogue since I fully took over the nursery of all collections from Janis. It’s all made by me with minor assistance of Janis, although he was always by my side with recommendations.

Janis is spending most of his time writing new articles for various gardening magazines and working on his new book. Also the collection of potted crocuses is still under his care.

During last summer we have moved most of the commercial part of our collection to my place- to new large greenhouses. The rest will be moved this summer. The basement for another greenhouse is already done. Only the scientific collection and crocuses will remain with Janis.

There are some major changes in payments, so, please read our payment terms. The nursery is now registered on my name; therefore all bank accounts have been changed.

We had a very successful season last year. Janis was on several expeditions into the mountains, which led to many new discoveries. He published several new crocus species, and many other (but not only crocuses) will be published this year. We have already scheduled some expeditions for this year too. He spends most of his time with research.

Sincerely Yours

 Līga Popova

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