by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova



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Now I finished work on the manuscript of a new crocus book - The World of Crocuses. It is a résumé of my 50 years of work with Crocus, my researches on them in the wild and in the garden and it will be dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Latvian State, which will be celebrated in2018.

The new book will include chapters with general information and cultivation of crocuses, their morphology and keys for all species recognised at the moment of completion of the manuscript. The greatest part is dedicated to detailed information of the (in excess of) 230 known species of crocuses with details about their requirements in cultivation according to my experience. Almost all species (with very, very few exceptions) are supplied with distribution maps, richly illustrated with pictures from wild and cultivation. This new book will be more than 500 pages long and will include more than 1500 colour pictures. The species are arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy to find them without special searching by Index.

 The significance of this new book has been appreciated by Latvian Academy of Sciences and it will be published by the Academy. Publishing costs are quite high and the Latvian Academy is short of finances, so money to cover printing costs must be raised by myself. I can partly cover those from my savings, but I’m still short of 15,000 Euros.


Everyone who will donate at least 50 Euros (plus postage costs for delivery - 15,- Euro for Europe, 20,- for overseas) for the printing of this Monograph (more will be specially appreciated!) will receive a free copy of book, with the personally addressed signature of author. Everyone who will donate at least 500 Euros will be mentioned in the book’s Acknowledgments chapter with full information about donors, according to their wishes and will receive three signed copies without any additional payments.

To receive detailed information about sponsoring the project, please write to me via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you can see sample pages in internet Journal of Scottish Rock Garden Club - International Rock Gardening - opening link http://www.srgc.org.uk/logs/logdir/2016Aug251472126130IRG_August_80.pdf

Please consider getting involved with this project and send money to Janis Ruksans:

SEB Bank of Latvia, Cesis Branch, SWIFT code UNLALV2X

Raunas str. 8, LV-4101 Cesis, Latvia

Euro account number (IBAN) LV44UNLA 0050 0243 0370 0

Note - Sponsoring of Crocus book from ………………….

and I will need your home address where to send book after its printing and e-mail address for communication

Sincerely Yours Janis

 Janis Ruksans

Liga Popova

Liga still continue working on Paeonia!

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