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Crocus clusii (AH-9911) (Code: 47)

Crocus  clusii (AH-9911)
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Crocus  clusii (AH-9911) Crocus  clusii (AH-9911)
Crocus clusii belongs to a group of three closely related autumn-blooming species from the western corner of the genus range. B. Mathew regarded them as subspecies of C. serotinus, but morphologically they are sufficiently distinct to be considered as different species. C. clusii replaces C. serotinus to the north of the Lisbon area and in north-west and south-west Spain as far as Cádiz. Although the areas of both species overlap, they can be distinguished by the much more finely netted tunics in C. clusii. It is also leafier and produces 4 to 7 leaves per corm.
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