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Crocus caspius (Code: 46)

Crocus  caspius
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Crocus  caspius Crocus  caspius Crocus  caspius Crocus  caspius
Robust species, flowering in late autumn from low hills and woodlands bordering the Caspian Sea. Not difficult in a well-drained, loam-based compost, but something tender, so it can be grown here only in an alpine house. I once or twice lost it due to low temperatures but it so well set seeds, that always was successfully recovered from seedlings. The fragrant flowers are slightly variable from pure white (with a yellow throat) to a very soft pinkish-violet. The flowers of C. caspius are made in abundance starting from about November and flowering comes in two waves, with the flowers in the second wave being noticeably more lilac-tinted. Seed is usually set prolifically however the seed pods, unlike almost every other Crocus species, are held below ground even when they are fully ripe.
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