by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus asumaniae Ariasos (Code: 442)

Crocus  asumaniae Ariasos
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Crocus  asumaniae Ariasos Crocus  asumaniae Ariasos Crocus  asumaniae Ariasos
Excellent selection made by my Czech friend Vaclav from plants collected by us inside ruins of Roman city Ariasos with dark bright violet flowers. Could be different species, usually regarded as "pallasii" but true pallasii is not growing in this region. Comparing with most close by growing area C. asumaniae (epithet of which I aplied for it here) it has atypical flower colour. In same place were collected some plants closely resembling C. kofudagensis as well. So correct name for this one still is unclear, but it is good grower in open garden as well as in pots regardless of applied name..
Price: 10.00 EUR
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