by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Tulipa buhseana 12KZ-036 (Code: 388)

Tulipa buhseana 12KZ-036
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A part of the large and variable turkestanica/bifloriformis complex but it is perfectly distinct in the fresh state (rather than in dried herbarium specimens). This has lovely, up-facing, milky white blooms with a central yellow blotch in the centre. The anthers are also lemon yellow with the tiniest of purple tips and they are borne on yellow filaments. Each bulb can make 2-3 of its red-tinted scapes and each scape, though usually bearing a solitary flower, can branch holding 2-3 flowers each. This grows from stems around 15-20cm tall, This stock was collectedon dry sandy steppe not far from Alma-Ati, where it grew together with Tulipa behmiana.. Although it is a dry-land species, in cultivation I find it quite easy, well multiplying and setting seeds whilst T. behmiana alive only 2 seasons.
Price: 5.00 EUR
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