by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Eminium lehmanii (Code: 291)

Eminium lehmanii
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Eminium lehmanii Eminium lehmanii
The inflorescence of this one of the most striking of the central Asian Aroids is a superb deep violet-black, velvet-textured spathe surrounding a thickened, rounded spadix redolent with the smell of warm dung. I was growing it for years in outside garden on something sloped beds and always noted its blooming walking around and suddenly touched by its smell, forcing to think about some died animal inside my garden - and then came understanding - the Eminiums are blooming. It enjoys a hot, well-drained spot outside in a deep and fertile, loam-based soil but is well growing in deep pots as well. There are two species growing in Central Asia, both easy separable by shape of leaves.
Price: 25.00 EUR
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