by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus isauricus (Code: 230)

Crocus isauricus
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Crocus isauricus Crocus isauricus Crocus isauricus
Not so long ago under name isauricus were grown a lot of different species. Only quite recently Kerndorff and Pasche after careful comparing of herbariums, literature data found that true isauricus comes from some mountains around Taskent in S Turkey. I have two something different stocks from closely situated populations which well respond to data given by HKEP. The flowers of both samples have the cup-shape considered typical of the true plant. Parallely this problem was researched by Osman Erol, who regarded as typical "isauricus" plant published by Kerndorff and Pasche as C. concinnus, but it has much more slender flower segments, so I follow here HKEP's decision.
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