by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus hatayensis JP-8837 (Code: 141)

Crocus  hatayensis  JP-8837
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Crocus  hatayensis  JP-8837 Crocus  hatayensis  JP-8837 Crocus  hatayensis  JP-8837
Just at Christmas of 2018 I published new species from Hatay Province in Turkey near Syrian border which originally was collected by me and Eugenius Dambrauskas already in 2003 (sample RUDA-117), but published only now when more detailed studies of this relative of well known Crocus kotschyanus were performed. Its main feature separating it from all other samples of C. kotschyanus sensu lato is forming of leaves already during blooming. It has different chromosome number, too, but there are other morphological features separating both species, as length of stigma and its branching and position relating anthers, although they are something more variable. I have 3 different gatherings of this species, all collected in the same region independently from me, by Erick Pasche and by J. Person from Gothenburg Botanic Garden. Offered is stock JP-8837 originally collected already in 1988 with lovely light violet, darker striped flowers and +/- confluent large yellow-orange blotches at the base giving an impression of an orange throat.
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