by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Zagrosia persica (Code: 424)

Zagrosia persica
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Zagrosia persica Zagrosia persica
Genus Zagrossia was split out of Scilla by German botanist Franz Speta and belongs to those few new species which splitting from scillas was accepted by most of botanists (as well as Fessia - see higher). Zagrosia persica has long, slender racemes of bright mid-blue, starry flowers of bright mid-blue placed on long, slender racemes, each one on a long flower-stalk. Flowering progresses up the stem as the buds open and the total time in bloom is much longer than in the other "scillas". In nature it is growing on vernally extremely wet spots, sometimes springing out even from water, but during summer seems that need dry conditions. I'm growing it only in pots, abundantly watered up to culmionation of blooming, after that watering is gradually minimized providing dry second half of summer. I think it could be growable outside as well.
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