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Iris zagrica (Code: 318)

Iris  zagrica
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Iris  zagrica Iris  zagrica Iris  zagrica Iris  zagrica
It is the first time when true Iris zagrica is offered at all, at least I don't know any other offer of true species. Unfortunately its publication in Iris group bulletin of RHS and in Curtis' Botanical Magazine was accompanied with a lot of mistakes in illustrative material, so it was unclear - what is true Iris zagrica. For a long time I regarded this one as new species, and only finding it in wild by myself, comparing with plants from Iranian and Iraq Kurdistans later published as irises marivanica, avromanica and zetterlundii, careful checking of pictures and literature, correspondence with other travellers allowed to decipher this enigma. True Iris zagrica is tiny plant growing wild in Lorestan on dry slopes. Not the most easy, but its beauty of contrast between white or even creamy flower parts with almost blackish falls, is worth of applied efforts. Only very few offered!
Price: 40.00 EUR
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