by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus veluchensis aff. N of Drama (Code: 281)

Crocus veluchensis aff. N of Drama
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Crocus veluchensis aff. N of Drama Crocus veluchensis aff. N of Drama
I got seeds of this crocus from Marcus Harvey, but it was poor grower with me, but in same time it was so special that I from the first day regarded it as a new, still unpublished species. This insisted me to visit the place N of Drama in Greek Macedonia from where it was reported by Marcus. I found it at high altitudes growing in dense turf in extremely acid soil. I suppose that just the soil problems can explain my initial failures with this very special crocus. Now I'm growing it in Rhododendron mix improved with coarse sand and results immediately appeared. It likes cool and not too dry conditions. Does well here in a pot but as weather allows, I'm bringing pots outside into light shade. This will make its new roots before the old ones die away, so needs moist (not wet) compost at all times. Most likely it will be published as new species by Balkan botanists (or by myself?)...
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