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Crocus homerii species nova (Code: 139)

Crocus  homerii species nova
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Crocus  homerii species nova Crocus  homerii species nova Crocus  homerii species nova Crocus  homerii species nova
At present still it is "nomen nudum" - not officially published name, but I hope to work on its publication this winter. It is growing wild on Chios Island and is quite variable - flowers are from pure white to dark striped purple and its anthers are yellow or black - in almost any population you can find plants with both anther colours. My stock was collected in spring, so no special selection by flowers was made, and I didn't separate them during cultivation, so don't ask me for special colours and I can't guarantee that corms which you will receive will have black anthers - such were in average around 30 % of collected corms and same proportion remain between their seedlings. Legend tells that blind ancient poet Homer (author of Odyssey and Iliad) was born on Chios, so this new species will be named after him (if someone will not publish it before me).
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