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Crocus cartwrightianus creticus (Code: 96)

Crocus  cartwrightianus creticus
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Crocus  cartwrightianus creticus Crocus  cartwrightianus creticus Crocus  cartwrightianus creticus
This is a population on Crete which Herbert named as Crocus cartwrightianus var. creticus. In overall appearance it is somewhat similar to C. oreocreticus, but the latter is a high mountainous plant never growing lower than 1000 m, whilst C. cartwrightianus on Crete is distributed around Khania at the western end of the island at altitudes not higher than 300 m. There are several morphological features separating them both, too, and Cretan population of C. cartwrightianus deserves a closer examination as it could belong to another not yet described species. According to E. A. Bowles, “…it flowers so freely in English gardens that it is very attractive on sunny slopes of a rock garden in October and November..."
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