by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus fauseri (Code: 212)

Crocus fauseri
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Crocus fauseri Crocus fauseri
Known only from one mountain top in SW Turkey this species was named after famous Australian Crocus enthuziast Otto Fauser. I found it with the help of Ibrahim Sözen who had enough courage to drive our small car along a terrible dirt road almost up to the very top of Bencik Dağı, where the searched-for crocus was in full bloom growing together with C. fleischeri on an extremely stony slope. I think that this was one of the stoniest habitats with annulate crocuses ever seen by me. It is tolerant of cold winters but needs hot and dry summers, although I. Sözen reports that it grows easily in his near-Istanbul garden where occasional summer rains are not rare. With me it fares very well in pots that are kept all year round in the greenhouse. Very limited stock.
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