by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus antalyensioides Yellow form (Code: 188)

Crocus antalyensioides Yellow form
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Crocus antalyensioides Yellow form Crocus antalyensioides Yellow form
The plants grown in horticulture as Crocus antalyensis have been separated off by me as a new species - Crocus antalyensioides. The new species has a distribution within Turkey which is much more to the north of the range of what is now regarded as proper C. antalyensis. C. antalyensioides is certainly easier and hardier in cultivation as well as being more robust in growth with larger flowers which may explain its recent, wider spread in cultivation. In nature I found only its blue forms with rare albinos occuring between seedlings. What exactly is yellow forms - I don't know. May be it is wider variation of colour in nature, may be they rised in cultivation and really are hybrids with closely related C. mouradii because they appeared in seed-raised stock of the blue form of Crocus antalyensioides which in turn was raised from a stock originally produced by Willem van Eeden in the Netherlands. The yellow forms vary from strong deep yellow, like flavus, to paler primrose forms. Requires deep planting, I'm using 20 cm deep pots, placing corms at depth of 10-15 cm, then they forms large corms and abundantly blooms. Shallower planted are good increasers, but forms smaller corms which produce less flowers.
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