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Crocus mazziaricus PELOG-016 (Code: 122)

Crocus  mazziaricus PELOG-016
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Crocus  mazziaricus PELOG-016 Crocus  mazziaricus PELOG-016 Crocus  mazziaricus PELOG-016
The name "mazziaricus" is used for crocuses from very large area - starting from Lefkada Island in W Greece up to Central Turkey. Undoubtedly under this name are hidden at least two or even more species. True mazziaricus is distributed on Pelloponessus, but in dirrection to East it is replaced by other species, still unpublished. At presernt it is not easy to tell where lies border between them. This stock was collected near Thiva and in general is more bluish than plants from Pelloponessus and there seem to be differences in corm tunics, too. This species now is researched by Greek botanists and I don't want enter their field.
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