by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Anemone banketovii (Code: 44)

Anemone banketovii
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Anemone banketovii Anemone banketovii Anemone banketovii Anemone banketovii
This species was published by me only recently. It has very limited area in "Russian" Caucasus, where is known only from 3 general localities. Earlier was regarded as very disjunct population of A. blanda although already in 1937 Russian botanist, great specialist of Anemone - S.Yuzepchuk expressed doubt about its placing under name of A. blanda. I was growing it for 40 years and all this time I knew that it is very special, but only very recently I had time to publish it. Easy separable from A. blanda by shape of its tubers, which are branch-like, not knobbly as in A. blanda. Good increases by splitting. If you prefair multiplying by seeds - must be grown isolat3ed from A. blanda abnd A. caucasica, because easy hybridise with them.
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