by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Tulipa ulophylla (Code: 420)

Tulipa ulophylla
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Tulipa ulophylla Tulipa ulophylla Tulipa ulophylla Tulipa ulophylla Tulipa ulophylla
It is very similar to Tulipa systola and by some botanists regarded as synonymous to it, but the flower is held on longer stem and flowers inner base is black with or without yellow rim. Somrtimes yellow rim is so pronounced that black is on;ly as small blotch on it. About it I found following characterization: “A rock dweller that can be found on the steep cliffs of the Olang Pass (2200 m) in the Elburz Mountains, east of Tehran. You can spot the flowers from the car, but how to get there? You have to climb like a mountain goat to see them up close”. I climbed up and collected few bulbs. The total view of plant is so special, that there are no problems to separate in from allied TT. stapfii and systola. It is not easy to grow and with me it is suitable only for pots
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