by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Ficaria verna Coffee Cream (Code: 293)

Ficaria verna Coffee Cream
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When I was student they were named Ficari, then at some time suddenly I read that now must be used Ranunculus. I never was satisfied with this change, but now again they are returned back to Ficaria. Some botanists their life are dedicating splitting some genus, then comes another, all the best years of life using for lumping them back. But this is case when I completely agree with last changes in their taxonomy. Some regards them as weeds, but this variety found near Plymouth by R.Hoskins in 1991, certainly isn’t such. It is slowest increaser between all celandine's grown in my collection. A large plant with large cream flowers and brown reverses. Slight silver markings on the leaves. We plant them in slightly shaded spots in the grass where it makes excellent colour display in the spring.
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