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Crocus zubovii (Code: 150)

Crocus  zubovii
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Crocus  zubovii Crocus  zubovii
This crocus species is the most easterly growing representative from C. speciosus group. It is easy separable from another Iranian species of same group - C. archibaldiorum by position of stigma and from most other relatives by usually purple striped upper cataphyll. Flowers are attractive, violet, beautifully veined in a darker shade of the same colour. All of the six, quite evenly-sized, petals are veined with pale yellow inner base, and are set around yellow anthers which in turn ring around an orange-yellow, trifid style which is further sub-divided just at its tips. The style usually exceeds the length of the anthers. The purple-striped upper cataphyll is not always that obvious and additionally, it does vary substantially according to the age of the flower.
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