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Crocus robertianus (Code: 167)

Crocus  robertianus
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Crocus  robertianus Crocus  robertianus
Assumed to be an autumn-flowering mutation of C. atticus, it has retained the large size of lilac to white flowers and in most cases has a large dark yellow throat, which sometimes is pale or surrounded by a white border like in the well-known spring cv. ‘Tricolor’. There are two, geographically isolated populations of what was once thought to be all Crocus robertianus. Most likely both represent two distinct although morphological similar species. Certainly, scientific examination of the DNA confirms that this southerly collection is not the same species as robertianus from type locality in Pindus Mountains. I only recently got material from the type locality of robertianus so further research will be applied. Offered stock comes from southern population and was collected not far from Varnakovo Monastery,
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