by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus The World of Crocuses (Code: 401)

Crocus      The World of Crocuses
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Crocus      The World of Crocuses Crocus      The World of Crocuses Crocus      The World of Crocuses
In this Monograph are results of my more than 50 years long experience growing crocuses and in it is included descriptions of all 235 species of crocuses known at 1st December 2016. The descriptions are supplied with distribution maps, colour pictures, are included information about growing, morphologie of crocuses and key for all species included in this monograph, which is real Encyclopedia of crocuses. The size of book is 568 pages (A-4) and it is richly illustrated (more than 1700 colour pictures). The price for such book is very low - only 50,- Eu, postage costs are included. It will be posted separately from plants using special post service with reduced price for printed materials only. You can order book writing to me by e-mail janis.bulb@hawk.lv
Price: 40.00 EUR