by Dr. Janis Ruksans & Liga Popova

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Crocus erolii (JJJ-015) (Code: 53)

Crocus  erolii (JJJ-015)
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Crocus  erolii (JJJ-015) Crocus  erolii (JJJ-015) Crocus  erolii (JJJ-015) Crocus  erolii (JJJ-015) Crocus  erolii (JJJ-015)
When in 2009 I saw this crocus for the first time in Turkey, my first opinion was that I found new locality for C. mathewii, far from its earlier recognized area. But checking corm tunics it turned that they looks as in C. cancellatus - coarsely reticulated. Minor branching of style and throat colour showed that it looks intermediate between both. Two generations of seedlings without splitting of main features confirmed that really was found new Crocus species which I named by my good friend, Professor of Botany in Istanbul University Osman Erol who much worked on Crocus taxonomy as well as on other Turkish native plants. Very limited stock!
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