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Corydalis gorinensis x magadanica F-2 (Code: 22)

Corydalis gorinensis x magadanica F-2
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Corydalis gorinensis x magadanica F-2 Corydalis gorinensis x magadanica F-2 Corydalis gorinensis x magadanica F-2
F-2 generation seedlings from hybrids between Corydalis gorinensis x magadanica. Corydalis gorinensis is one of the rarest and most difficult species in cultivation, known wild only from one cliff in remote Siberian corner, far from civilization, surrounded by unpassable bogs. I lost my single plant of this incredibly beautiful species but it yielded some seeds before disappear. I hoped them will come up true, but they turned hybrids, although very unusual and variable in colour and foliage, and most surprisingly they turned fertile. Both original species were practically lost in my collection from rodent attack and seedlings from them without exception turned OP hybrids and no one true to parents were found between them. Those hybrids turned fertile and so now I'm offering F-2 generation seedlings. They are variable in colour, but vigorous growers and multiply by tuber splitting as well as from seeds.
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