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Colchicum cilicicum (BATM-011) (Code: 19)

Colchicum cilicicum (BATM-011)
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Colchicum cilicicum (BATM-011) Colchicum cilicicum (BATM-011) Colchicum cilicicum (BATM-011)
Real wild species and not the garden hybrid usually offered under this name. Bunches and bunches of bright pink-purple flowers occur in the middle of the Colchicum season. Offered is true wild form, which is not the largest between colchicums, but will enjoy you with a profusion of flowers in its bunches. It is wonderful, easy-growable and free-flowering species, has nothing common with usually under this name offered hybrids of unknown progeny from Dutch nurseries. Our stock was originally collected on Cilician Taurus during famous BATMAN expedition together with Gothenburg Botanical Garden.
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